23/06 – NZDJPY five waves sequence coming to an end?

Hello! Today I want to look at the NZDJPY.


In February 2009 we got an important low, from where we bounced strongly in five waves. After that we had a sideways move that lasted for two years. In 2012 this pair rocketed higher towards the 90 level and now I believe we will see a sharp correction or a new, long-term bear trend begin, depending on if the move from 2012 was wave 3, C or W.


Fibonacci Ratios

If we compare major and minor wave 1 with wave 5 we see there is alot of Fibonacci confluence between 90-92 area.

1w-w1jfl 4H-w1jfl


There is also divergence all over the place.

1d divergence 1w divergence


Short term

I still like to see more upside in the short term.



Corrected markets

I have already written about #EURAUD in my previous post,
where I also mentioned #EURNZD:



AUDJPY is also getting interesting at this levels …

audjpy…but it should make one more high before lower.

audjpy1I have also shared my thoughts on NZDUSD earlier on Tradingview.com:

Bearish bat in the making by traderWgun on TradingView.com

Shooting star warning that a major cycle has ended by traderWgun on TradingView.com

wave C coming to an end by traderWgun on TradingView.com



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